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Coronasituation update


The village shop is open normally and we also make home deliveries. A plexiglass has been installed to the sales counter in the village shop to protect the customers and vendor from the virus. The restaurant is closed but in May we will start to bake take away pizza. The villas and hotel rooms in the apartment hotel can be reserved normally. In all facilities we follow special hygiene requirements and we have enhanced the cleaning. For now, the nature/lake safaris will be organized normally for groups max.10 people unless the officials set new restrictions. Instructions to nature/lake safaris: -- In May the seal safaris are organized as planned. However, the group size will be only 6-8 people/per boat (depending on the size of the boat) so that there is plenty of space on the boat. We have 4 boats. You can also reserve a private seal safari just for your own group. The fishing safaris will be organized for small private groups. -- The boats will be washed regularly, and the binoculars disinfected after each safari. One cannot participate in the safari if one has flu symptoms. We recommend using respiratory protective equipment (a scarf or a mask), we will not shake hands and avoid close contacts. -- Please do not participate in the safari if you are sick! Contact us if you get sick before the safari, we can postpone the safari to a later date without additional fees or you can cancel it in which case we will comply with our normal booking conditions. Cancelled safari can also be exchanged to an open gift card to all our services and that is valid for a year. - We rent canoes and boats as normal

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