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Routes in Linnansaari National Park


Around Linnansaari

1-2 day paddling trip around Linnansaari main island. Route: Oravi - Sammakkoniemi campground - Linnavuori hill - Perpulanluhta campground - Oravi. Lenght ca. 18km. Camping and fire places: Sammakkoniemi and Perpulanluhta, in Sammakkoniemi there is an ecohostel as well. Special: home of the Saimaa ringed Seal. If you are lucky you can spot them on a rock or swimming in the lake.

Tappuvirta route

Route: Oravi - Linnansaari NP - Tappuvirta - Joutenvesi -Oravi ca. 40-50km. Duration 2-3 days. 1st night in Linnansaari NP on one of the camp sites Hirvisaari, Kirvessaari, Myhkyrä or Paavalinsaari. 2nd night in Joutenvesi region with everymans law,  stay in Kontiosaari or choose your own island for the night. Notice: on Joutenvesi region  camping with everymans law, no open fire use cooker!

Routes in Kolovesi National Park and Joutenvesi


Kolovesi route

Kolovesi route: Oravi - Joutenvesi - west/south Kolovesi - east/north Kolovesi - Joutenvesi - Oravi. Duration: 4-7 days. Lenght: 80-100km. Overnight: on Joutenvesi wild camping with everymans law (no open fire, don't camp too close to gottages). In Kolovesi camping is only allowed on marked campsites. Campsites are equipped with dry toilet, fire place and fire wood. Special: 5000 yo rock paintings at Ukonvuori hill and the Saimaa ringed seal that can be seen in this region..


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