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  • The skating route is open


    The skating route has been opened. There is still some roughness on the ice, but the ice is ok to skate. Weather forecast promised 3-4m/s wind throughout the day. The equipment rental is open 9-17.

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  • It is snowing


    The route is ploughed this morning but it seems like it will be snowing almost the whole day today.

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  • Windy day


    The route from Linnansaari to Oravi (ca 5 km) is open.

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  • The route is open and the sun is shining


    The skating route has been opened for today. There is some irregularities on the ice. The weather forecast promises sun for the whole day. The rental equipment is open 9-17.

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  • The route is open already today


    The marked route from Oravi to Linnansaari is now open. Stay on the route. The ice is 12 cm thick on the route but outside the route there can be weak ice.

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  • 1/22/2020

    The weather forecast promises good weather for skating for the rest of the week. The ice strenghtens fast because of many days of minus degrees and on Friday we should be able to open the skating track on ice from Oravi to Linnansaari. The rental shop is open 9-17.

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  • The marked route is closed


    The weather is too warm now. We will open the marked route again next week when the weather gets colder.

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  • Great ice, quite windy


    The marked route from Oravi to Linnansaari is open. If you want to skate outside the marked route book a local guide because it is not safe to skate everywhere. Bookings and more info +358442747078

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  • Not bad


    It was raining last night so there is water on the ice. It is still possible to skate on the marked route. Tomorrow the weather is freezing again and we will have great ice. The rental shop in Ora vi is open today until 3 pm.

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  • luisteluretki 11.1.2020.jpg

    Great ice!


    Today we made a long guided tour in LInnansaari National Park and there was also many skaters on the marked route.

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