• The snowmobile / hiking route from Oravio to Porosalmi is now open


    The route is marked with orange sticks. There is water on the ice at several places. The route is gettig better day by day.

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  • Snow activities


    There is no chance to make the skating route to Linnansaari, too much snow. The marked hiking route to Linnansaari is open and there you can walk or ski. The rental shop and cafeteria is open on Saturday 9-17, closed on Sunday.

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  • More snow


    It has been snowing again. The best activities right now are: cross country skiing, snow shoeing, sleigh ride to Linnansaari and snowmobile safaris in Porokylä

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  • Skiing day


    Today is a good day for skiing. We will open the skiing track from Oravi to Linnansaari (5km/one way). You can also go to Linnansaari on a sleigh pulled by a snowmobile, either both ways or for example ski or walk to Linnansaari and hop on to the sleigh back to Oravi (book in advance). There is also a cross-country skiing track (circa 3,5km) in the forest in Oravi. From equipment rental you can also book a waterfront sauna and take a dip into the cold lake from the sauna's pier. The equipment rental and cafe are open in Oravi on Saturday at 9-17.

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  • 20220120_101822.jpg

    It is snowing again


    Today we give it a new try to open a skating route, As you can see on the picture a lot of equipment is needed.

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  • Ice condition update


    Strong wind, a lot of snow and water on the ice makes it very difficult to make a skating route this year. At the moment only the walking route to Linnansaari is open and the walking route is in very good condition. You can also ski on the walking route. In Oravi we have skis, boots and snow shoes for rent.

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  • The walking route and ski track to Linnansaari is open


    The wind has settled and hiking on the ice is now enjoyable. The rental shop and cafeteria in Oravi is open Mon-Sat 9-17. From us you can rent skis, snow shoes, boots and winter clothes.

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  • Autumn video filmed in Oravi and Linnansaari National Park


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  • What is your favourite season of the year?


    Have a look at Saimaa in autumn. The video vas filmed in October 2020.

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  • House Boat Big Cat is now for rent in Oravi Harbour


    The new House Boat Villa Big Cat is for rent in June-Augusti. Big Cat is a floating luxury villa with a large living room, sun deck, sauna and a bedroom for two persons. Book online or contact our sales office

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