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Hunting wild duck

Hunting dates:  20.8. (opening day), 24.8 and 28.8.
On August 20th day hunt at 12-15 and night hunt at 19-22. Between the hunting sessions lunch and rest at the accommodation. On the other dates we also hunt in the morning. The places of shooting are safe and the guides pick up the catch with the aid of retriever dogs.

Program on the opening day:
11:00 The guide picks up the group at the accommodation
12:00 Day hunt
15:00 Lunch and rest
18:00 The
19:00 Evening hunt and wilderness meal
Serving: Coffee/tea, beer, elk soup, bread and sausages.
Equipment; if needed we provide the guests with clothes and shoes + obligatory orange vest and hat.
Opening day  455 €/person
Other days 325 €/person (min 455 €/day)
The price includes guidance, dogs, transportation during the day, lunch and equipment.
Group size: 1-12 persons
Shotgun rent:  40€/day
Obligatory licenses:  Hunting license and shotgun license

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