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Water responsibility and tour etiquette

Clean water and diverse lake nature is a condition of life for us. We hope that everyone that visit us and those living in the area respect nature and act responsibly. We have prepared our own responsible hiking guide for kayakers and canoers. Metsähallitus has created an outdoor etiquette that includes e.g. instructions for respecting nature, camping, making a fire and camping without trash. The outdoor etiquette in short:

1. Respect nature - leave no trace in it. Keep your pets on a leash.
2. Mainly use marked trails and follow the rules for different modes of travel. Check the areas and times in which access is possibly restricted at your destination.
3. Camp only where it is allowed. Do not wash the dishes or yourself directly in a water body. Follow the rules of wilderness huts.
4. Light your campfire only where it is allowed and use a camping stove where possible. Do not light a fire when a forest or grass fire warning is in effect.
5. Do not litter.

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