With a guide..

Our professional fishing guides help you to uncover the secrets of the underwater world by steering the boat to the fishing grounds that long experience has proved to be the best in the area. Excellent equipment, varied fishing waters abounding in fish, and the reliable people we work with make sure that you will have a fishing trip to remember 

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..or on your own

From us you can buy fishing licenses, lures, bait, maps and get hints about fishing in Linnansaari National Park and Joutenvesi. We also rent for example angling and spinning equipment, rain clothes, row boats and small motor boats.

Fishing seasons

Burbot 20.1. - 28.2.
Pike perch10.6. - 15.9.
Pike 13.5. - 30.11.
Perch 1.6. - 30.11.
Salmon 13.5. - 10.6. and 1.9. - 30.11.


Spinning and jigging
Faster 610 (+Honda 150hv) and Faster Cat  boats. The boats are well equipped for fishing in these waters.

Beneteau Antares 780 (+ Mercury 150hv). This new trolling boat is equipped with high quality fishing gear: down riggers that follow the bottom profile automatically, up to 16 rods, remote steering, 3D fish finder, ice boxes for fish... you name it  -we have it! The boat also has a heated cabin, toilet and beds for 2 persons.

Book Fishing Equipment
Fishing licenses

You need no license for angling and ice fishing (jigging).
If you are between 18 and 64 years of age and want to practise fishing other than angling or jigging you need to purchase the Fishing License (kalastonhoitomaksu).

New fishing licenses

From 2016 Fishing management fee and local fishing licenses are replaced with only one general fishing license. This license is valid for almost all waters of finland (exept special fishing places, rivers etc.). License is for one rod/ person.

Price: 5€/ day, 12€/ 7 days, 39€/ year.
You can make the payment (online as extra service) or at the reception or in governments webshop (www.eräluvat.fi).

Fishing license is personal and it must be paid before fishing has started. The fisher must have proof of the payment and, if requested, present this to an authority or other person who supervises fishing. The proof may be a receipt, fishing card or bank statement. Fishing license need not be paid for assisting persons (such as rowers) who do not handle the fishing gear during fishing.

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