Wild Food Excursions
Finnish nature is known for its thousands of lakes, vast forest and Nordic summers with light around the clock. This creates a unique growth environment for delicious and nutritious wild foods. In this pure environment you can find some of the greatest superfoods in the world. Berries, wild mushrooms, herbs, wild vegetables, fish and game. During our wild food excursion you will get to know some Finnish superfoods, where you can find it and how it tastes. One of the most common superfoods that we can find in the wild is the nettle. Nettle tastes a bit like spinach and it is packed with  chlorophyll, silicon (that makes
your hair and nails strong) and iron (7 times more than in spinach). It also contains vitamin C (5 times more than in orange) and calcium (2 times more than in milk).

A nature guide will take you into the forest to pick wild food of the season. You will also learn the health benefits of the wild foods.  After the walk we enjoy a super picnic and herbal tea.

The wild food from the forest varies depending on the season.  In the beginning of the summer we can find wild vegetables and herbs.  Towards the end of the summer there is a variety of berries and mushrooms. On every excursion we also taste some local fish and organic rye bread.

Location: The excursions are on Linnansaari island. The excursion in Linnansaari lasts for ca 3 hours and includes a boat ride Oravi-Linnansaari-Oravi. NOTE: Linnansaari National Park has its own rules and we are not allowed to pick plants in the park. We are allowed to pick berries and mushrooms in the national park. The guide will bring plant samples and some superfood products that you can taste.

Available: June- September
Duration of the excursion: 2-3 hours
Group size: 2-20
In Linnansaari 59 €/person, min 360  €/group incl. boat ticket

The excursion is suitable for everyone interested in wild foods.

“ You are what you eat”

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