• Almost perfect ice


    The whole rooute is open Oravi-Järvisydän.

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  • Good skating weekend


    Good weatherforecast. The whole route (20 km) is open, you just have to walk over the ship line. The pancake cafe on Linnansaari is open Sat and Sun 11-15.

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    Snowmobiles and pancakes


    Today our guides went on snowmobiles and drove customers in the sledge cross the frozen lake Saimaa to enjoy some coffee an pancakes on open fire.

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  • Very good skating ice


    The weathertype changed quickly to plus degrees. Fortunately the ice is so thick so there is no water on the ice. The skating conditions are very good.

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  • On Wednesday we are skating


    Today it's windy and snowing a lot. The route master will open the route in the evening. The weatherforecast for Wednesday is very good.

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  • Good ice


    The whole route Oravi-Linnansaari-Järvisydän is open and the ice is in very good condition. Nice weather, -6 degrees and wind only 2 m/s. The pancake cafe on Linnansaari is open today 11-15.

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  • Routemaster's greetings


    Today you can skate from Oravi to Linnansaari and all the way to the deep-water channel. On Saturday the whole route will be open from Oravi to Järvisydan. We celebrate the opening of the skating season.

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  • The whole route will be open before the weekend


    Today open: Oravi-Linnansaari-ship line and Järvisydän-Pikkulappi-Peonselkä. The last ship drives tomorrow and after that we can open the whole route (20 km).

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  • oravin silta talvi_pieni.jpg

    Beautiful winter weather


    Cold and beautiful. The ice route is open Oravi-Linnansaari 5 km/one way. The cafeteria and rental shop is open every day 9-17.

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  • Kaunis mutta kylmä talvisää


    The route from Oravi to Linnansaari is open. There is a fireplace on the island. This morning we had -28 celsius degrees. Fortunately there is no wind so it is actually a nice day for skating or hiking on the lake.

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