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  • 2/27/2016

    The route is open! The rental shops in Oravi and Järvisydän are open. Today's program in Oravi: 12-18 Pizza and soup buffet 11-15 Pancake cafe on Linnansaari 14.00 Saunayoga 15-17 Sauna and possibility to swim in the lake 21-> karaoke

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  • The ice route is closed today


    Today: snow shoeing, skiing and sled rides.

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  • Too warm weather


    There is water on the ice at several places. Today we recommend snowshoeing, The weather is getting colder this weekend and then it is possible to skate.

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  • Skate on fine ice


    The route from Oravi to Linnansaari is good for skating. There is one short part, where you'd need to walk. The route in Järvisydän is being perfected and there is in some places water on ice. Route is being maintained, so at some point you can skate on the whole route. Call if you want last minute update!

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  • Plowed route from Oravi to Järvisydän


    Route masters have plowed the whole route open from Oravi to Järvisydän. It hasn't been perfected yet and there are some water. Not the best ice to skate, but route masters are working all the time to make the route better.

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  • Snowing and blowing on Saimaa


    Route masters are plowing. We hope that tomorrow everyone can skate again. Today there is a few km of route open in Järvisydän.

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  • Ther oute from Oravi is closed today


    It is too windy and snowy today to keep the route in Oravi open. The route from Järvisydän is open ca 9 km. In Oravi it is possible to rent cross country skis and snow shoes.

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  • Welcome to skate


    The whole route is open today and the pancake cafe on Linnansaari is open 11-15. On Sunday the route from Oravi to Linnansaari will probably be closed due to strong wind and snow.

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  • Welcome to skate


    Now it is finally possible to skate again. The ice condition is ok today but it will be better by the end of the week.

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  • The route will be open on WEDNESDAY


    The route is closed today. Tomorrow we are skating.

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