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  • The route masters are working on the ice


    It might be possible to skate tomorrow but at the latest on Wednesday.

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  • No skating this weekend


    It is not allowed to skate or walk on the route this weekend. Let the water freeze well. We will open the route again in the beginning of next week.

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  • It is raining


    The route is closed until we have minus degrees again.

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  • Too warm weather


    The ice is still good but there is water on the ice. It is possible to skate but the shoes get wet.

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  • Nice skating weather


    Oravi-Linnansaari-Järvisydän route ice in very good condition. Also the route around Porosalmi is open. The cafeteria on Linnansaari is closed today. The restaurants in Oravi and Järvisydän are open.

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  • Very good ice


    The whole route is open. There is no water on the ice. Today we also make ski tracks on the ice. The pancake cafe on Linnansaari is open 11-15.

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  • 2/5/2016

    We got more snow last night. The whole route was opened this morning and the ice is in good condition.

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  • Good skating day


    The whole route is open and the ice is in very good condition. No wind today and -2 degrees. Perfect skating weather.

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  • Snowday


    Today only the Porosalmi loop stays open. The other parts of the route we will open when the snow settles.

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  • Terrific ice


    The whole route is open. There is no water on the ice.

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