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    Thai restaurant in Makasiini


    Thai Makasiini restaurant has a new menu for this summer. Now we also have Fish fins, Pat Thai and Pat Kra Pao (with 3 chillis) on the menu! Please, see the full list below!

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    Seal watching safari


    2-day seal photography course in Linnansaari was held again last weekend with Pasi Lensu. Great excursion outdoors with good photographers was sooo much fun!

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    Pike is Biting


    We had very passionate fishermen (and women) as our guest last week. Daily fishing tours, good catch and so mutch fun with them! In the picture 7,6kg pike!

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    Busy safari day


    Today we had super busy safari day with 6 seal safaris, nature photography course and 3 fishing safaris. What a wonderful day at the lake!

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    Day of five fishing trips


    Friday was a FISHING day! All together FIVE fishing trips trolling and spinning. Pike is Biting so we had very happy customers after the trips.

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    Arctic Seal Safari


    During this weekend we made seal safaris in quite wintery conditions -cold and snowy! Happily, seals were at their favorite places and we had a good safari and some nice photos! Now the weather is getting warmer and seal safaris continue daily!

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    Fishing season has started!


    Lake is finally free from the ice and we have started the fishing trips. Pike is biting after the winter and we got some nice catch during the first spinning trip. Here is our youngest fisherman with 3kg pike. Well done!

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  • The lake is now open


    The ice is now gone. On Tuesday 30.4. we make the first seal watching safari this season.

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  • The summer is here


    At the moment the weather is warm and sunny and we expect that the ice on the lake will melt any day day now. The sun terrace in Restaurant Ruukinranta is now open and we bake pizza on weekends. The restaurant is also open on first of May. The seal watching seasons starts as soon as the lake is open.

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  • Wonderful spring weather!


    The ice route is not maintained anymore. Next week the weather forecast predicts frost nights so it will be possible to skate in the mornings (at your own risk) - you can ask us for advice. We also arrange guided ice fishing trips and snowmobile trips.

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