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Ruukinranta Waterfront Saunas

Oravi guest harbor has two saunas by the lake. It is possible to swim in the lake all year round.

Public sauna  1.6.-31.8. daily
Morning sauna 9.00-10.00
Evening sauna 16.00-18.00
(Sauna 1: men, Sauna 2: women)
The general sauna is included in the harbour and camping fees.
For others 5 €/person.

Private sauna (open around the year)
At other times you can book the saunas privately. Bookings:  tel 044-27 47 078, oravi(@) or in the reception.
Private sauna: 25€/ h/1-4 persons or 50€/h/sauna/ group.

For large groups we recommend to book the saunas for 2 hours. Sauna nro1 is suitable for max 15 persons and sauna nro 2 is suitable for max 10 persons.

Towel rent 3€/ person (to be booked beforehand).

Sauna Yoga and Pilates

A Sauna Yoga / Pilates sequence is a 30-minute exercise that consists of six poses. The poses strengthen the middle and lower body muscles, increase the flexibility of the spine and the hips and stretch the gluteal and upper body muscles. In addition, Sauna Yoga increases metabolism, reduces stress and facilitates the onset of sleep.

Sauna Yoga / Pilates is suitable for everyone regardless of age, size, gender or level of fitness and requires no previous yoga training experience.

Price: starting from 15€/ person

Group size: 1-7 persons
Place: Oravi, Ruukinranta harbour sauna
Time: Every Wednesday or on request. Check the weekly programme.
Duration: ca 30-45 minutes
Languages: Finnish, Swedish and English

Take this with you: comfortable, light clothes, towel and water bottle. Read here how to prepare for sauna yoga.


Sauna and Sauna Yoga for groups

Includes Sauna Yoga instructor for 30-45 minutes

- non alcoholic drinks
- private sauna time for one hour after the Sauna Yoga class
- swimming place in the lake (also in the winter)

Price: 100 €/group





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