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Village shop and cafeteria

SUMMER: 1.6-31.8. daily 8.30-20.00
AUTUMN: 1.9.-30.9. daily 9.00-17.00
WINTER: 1.10.-30.4. Tue-Sat 9.00-17.00 (Sun-Mon closed)

SPRING: 1.-31.5. daily 9.00-17.00

We also have delivery service!

You can also order supplies in advance for your nature adventures!

Restaurant Ruukinranta

Mon-Thu 9-17, soup lunch 11-15
Fri 9-20 (02), soup lunch 11-15, pizza and a la carte in the evening
Sat 9-22 (02) pizza and a la carte (kitchen is open 12-20)
Sun 9-17 pizza and a la carte (kitchen is open 12-16)

1-17.6. every day

11.30-20.00  Pizza and a la carte menu. The bar is also open.

Fri-Sat bar is open until 22 or 02

18.6-25.8. every day

8.30-11 Á la carte breakfast
11.30-22.00 Pizza and a la carte 
9.00-24.00 Bar is open (Fri-Sat 02.00)

26.8-30.9. every day
9-11 Breakfast in the cafeteria
11.30-20.00 Pizza and a la carte 

1.10.-30.4. open on request
See our event calendar for changes in opening hours.

Catering, buffet and a la carte all year round for groups on request!

Thai PopUp Makasiini
23.6-25.8. every day 1pm-9pm (weather permitting)
Reception and rental

15.2.-22.6 daily 9-17

23.6-31.8 daily 9-21

1.9-30.9. daily 9-17

Other times on request

If you are planing to arrive before or after the opening hours, please remember to notify us!

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