A traditional winter sports day for the whole family in Linnansaari National Park. On the ice skating route from Oravi to Linnansaari (5km/one way) you can use a kick sledge or bicycle today, but unfortunately the surface of the ice is too soft for tour skating. At 8am starts the machineries to make the traditional ski track between Oravi-Linnansaari-Järvisydän (approx. 18km/one way). You can also walk on the winter hiking trail marked with red sticks. Linnansaari has a marked snowshoe trail. The route fee for the skating route is 8€/adult and 4€/child aged 12-16yo, there is no fee for the skiing and walking route. Sleighrides (snowmobile pulling a sleigh) from Oravi to Linnansaari between 10-14 every hour (have to be pre-booked). Oravi's equipment rental and shop-café are open from 9-17 and pancake café in Linnansaari is open from 10-15. Lunch is served in Ruukinranta restaurant at 12-16 and the bar is open until 20.00. Public waterfront sauna and winter swimming in the ice hole at 15-17 (7 €/person), payment to the reception.

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  • Skating route and traditional ski track to Linnansaari are open


    The skating route from Oravi to Linnansaari is open and a traditional ski track to Linnansaari will be made this the morning. Pancake café in Linnansaari is open from 11-15 and Oravi's equipment rental office and village shop-café are open from 9-17.

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  • Linnansaari café is open


    The route masters have now plowed the snow from the skating route from Oravi to Linnansaari once in the morning, and you can go on the skating route either with touring skates or by taking a kick sledge. The cafe in Linnansaari is open today between 11-15. Oravi's equipment rental and shop-café are open from 9-17.

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  • Traditional ski track Oravi-Linnansaari-Järvisydän is now open


    The pancake cafe on Linnansaari is open on Wednesday and Thursday 11-15 The skating route is open Oravi-Linnansaari (ca 5 km) and Järvisydän - Koktail (ca 6,5 km)

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  • This week the pancake cafe is open also during the week


    The weather forecast looks pretty steady until Thursday, so there won't be any big changes on the ice until then. Linnansaari's pancake cafe is now open Mon-Thurs from 11 am to 3 pm during the winter holiday week. Friday's situation will be updated closer.

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  • Beautiful day


    Not much wind and the sun is shining. The ice has been prepared four times this morning. Also the ski track to Linnansaari is open. The cafateria on the island is open 11-15. The rental shop in Oravi is open 9-17.

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  • The ice route from Oravi to Linnansaari is open


    The ice route is open for skaters. The cafeteria on Linnansaari is open 11-15.

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  • Skating route closed today, let the surface of the route freeze


    Today the weather is challenging (raining in the morning and snowing in the afternoon, very windy all day). The skating route is being maintained from Oravi today, so that there would be chances to open it tomorrow on Sunday. The route has been plowed today and now we are waiting minus degrees starting in the afternoon so that the surface of the route would freeze properly during the evening and the following night, now there is some water on the ice. THEREFORE, PLEASE DON’T GO TO THE SKATING ROUTE TODAY TO MAKE TRACKS! You can walk from Oravi to Linnansaari along the winter hiking route marked with red sticks and from around noon you can also ski the traditional ski track on the ice to Linnansaari. In Oravi, the equipment rental office and café-shop are open between 9-18 and public sauna in the waterfront sauna by the Oravi canal is between 15-17 (sauna fee 7€/person). The Linnansaari café is not open this Saturday.

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  • To the skating route!


    The skating route has been planed today from Oravi and it is open all the way from Oravi via Linnansaari to Järvisydän. According to the weather forecast, the heavy snowfall won't start until the evening, so today you should go skating or take a kick sledge. Oravi's equipment rental and café-bar are open from 9 am to 5 pm. NOTE. Weather forecast promises snowfall, rain and a very strong south-east wind for tomorrow on Saturday, so the skating route unfortunately will not remain open. Linnansaari's cafe is not open on Saturday.

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  • Skating route from Oravi closed today


    The skating route is being maintained today after the snowfall combined with strong wind, so unfortunately you can't go to the skating route from Oravi. The winter hiking route that is marked with red sticks, can be used for walking on ice to Linnansaari.

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