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We welcome you to begin your unforgettable paddling adventure in Oravi. Our village is situated in the middle of the archipelago of lake Saimaa. We offer you good-quality equipment and qualified tour guides and nature takes care of the rest!


Linnansaari and Kolovesi National Parks as well as the magnificent archipelago of Joutenvesi is like paradise for canoeists. Great expanses of open water and straits between hundreds of islands, seals, more than 30 marked camping places, clean and safe water. What else can you wish for?

Paddling routes



The area is great for day trips as well as longer canoeing excursions if you bring a tent. Linansaari National Park is approximately 40 km from end to end, so it is best to reserve several days for the excursion. If you want an even longer trip, you can continue to Lake Joutenvesi and Kolovesi National Park.

There are no marked canoeing routes in the area. There are numerous options and everyone can choose a suitable route depending on preferences and the weather. Here are some suggestions but feel free to plan your own route.

Around Linnansaari, ca 15 km, day trip.
Recommended sights and resting places: Perpulanluhta, Sammakkoniemi cafeteria, Linnansaari croft and Linnanvuori rock.
Kolovesi - Joutenvesi - Oravi, ca 28 km,1-2 days.
Transportation from Oravi to Kolovesi on request.
Tappuvirta route, ca 40 km, 2 days.
Oravi - Linnansaari - Paavalinsaari - Kontio - Oravi
Kolovesi route, ca 70 km, 4-5 days..
Oravi - Joutenvesi - Kolovesi - Ahvensalmi - Oravi
National Park tour, ca 110 km, 5-7 days
Oravi - Linnansaari - Joutenvesi - Kolovesi - Oravi

For route planning we recommend the site It is also available as a mobile version

Brochures and maps

More information about Linnansaari on
More information about Kolovesi

You can buy a waterproof  map of Kolovesi, Linnansaari and Mid-Saimaa (Savonlinna-Varkaus-Heinävesi sis. Linnansaari ja Kolovesi) in Oravi. If you rent equipment from us a map is included in the rental price.

You can start your paddling trip in Oravi or Kolovesi (Kirkkoranta). All starting places have parking for cars.

Read more about the most popular paddling areas here:
Good to know when you are planning your trip

Drinking water:
You can drink the lake water (it is recommended to boil it before drinking). Since the lake water contains organic matter many choose to bring some drinking water and use lake water only for cooking etc. You can fill up your water bottles in Oravi and Linnansaari.

Making fire:
In the national parks lighting campfires is only allowed at designated camp sites. It is forbidden to lighting campfires when a forest fire warning is in effect. Outside the national parks (for example Joutenvesi area) it is not allowed to make fire. You are allowed to use a camping cooker.

In the national parks camping  is only allowed at designated camp sites (marked on the map). Outside the national parks the everyman’s right is applied. You may camp out temporarily (1-2 nights) at a reasonable distance from private property. According to the everyman’s right you are not allowed to  light open campfires without permission, except in an emergency.

Short picnic brakes are allowed everywhere accept for some restricted areas in the national parks (marked on the map) between 1st January – 30th April or 1st January – 15th July

Everyone can fish with a rod and line without license. If you want to fish with a spinner you need to buy fishing licenses (the state license + the local license). You can read more about fishing licenses here.

When boating or canoeing, an appropriate map is always needed.
There are hundreds of islands and we recommend you plan your trip according to the wind forecast, paddle on the calm sides of the islands. If you start your trip in Oravi you can get help from our canoeing guides when you are planning the route. During your trip you can also call or send a sms to our office and ask for advice. If you face a serious emergency on your hike call 112.

Mobile Phone Coverage:
Although Finland has a broad network for mobile phones, there can be some areas in the park without signal. There may also be some smaller spots where there is interference. If this happens try to climb to a higher place or go into an open area. Different phones also differ in their coverage.

Outdoor Etiquette:
1. Respect nature - leave no trace in it. Keep your pets on a leash.
2. Mainly use marked trails and follow the rules for different modes of travel. Check the areas and times in which access is possibly restricted at your destination.
3. Camp only where it is allowed. Do not wash the dishes or yourself directly in a water body.
4. Light your campfire only where it is allowed and use a camping stove where possible. Do not light a fire when a forest or grass fire warning is in effect.
5. Do not litter.
Read more abut the outdoor etiquette and guidelines here

Rental gear for Paddling

You can rent canoes, kayaks and camping equipment from us
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