Joutenvesi Nature Reserve

Lake Joutenvesi is a backwoods-like water excursion destination located between  Kolovesi and Linnansaari National Parks. The Heinävesi Water Route runs through the area. It is known to be one of Finland's most beautiful boating routes. Steamboats have plied the winding and narrow Heinävesi Water Route for over one hundred years. Today the area's islands are for the most part uninhabite

Lake Joutenvesi was named after the swans that visit it (joutsen is Finnish for swan). Lake Joutenvesi is characterised by sounds with swift currents and its labyrinth of islands. There is an abundance of islands in the lake. They are varying in size from small reefs to land masses. There are long stretches of shoreline in the area and open cliffs are also typical of the area. The rugged lake is a mix of crystal clear water flowing from the north and the murkier waters coming from Lake Pielinen. There are no large open water areas so it is safe to paddle on the lake also on windy days.
You have a good chance to encounter the endangered Saimaa Ringed Seal in Joutenvesi since this lake is believed to be the home of 20-25 individuals.

Canoeing and water excursions in the area are Everyman's Rights. There are no marked hiking  trails or excursion harbours in the area. The paddling distance from Oravi to Kolovesi is ca 30 km and you can choose any route you want. Reserve  1-2 days for the journey.

The list below summarises the main rights and responsibilities within everyman's right:
You may
• camp out temporarily, a reasonable distance from homes
• pick wild berries, mushrooms and flowers, as long as they are not protected species
• fish with a rod and line
• use boats, swim or bathe
• walk, ski, or drive a motor vehicle or fish on frozen lakes, rivers and the sea.
You may not
• disturb people or damage property
• disturb game, breeding birds, their nests or young
• let pets off lead
• cut down or damage trees
• collect moss, lichen or fallen trees from other people's property
• light open campfires without permission, except in an emergency
• disturb people's privacy by camping too near them or making too much noise
• leave litter
• hunt without the relevant permits
• fish with nets, traps, or a reel and lure without the relevant permits

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