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Nature church in Linnansaari

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6/16/2024 11:00 AM–8:00 PM

Church service organised by the congregation of Savonlinna, will take place on Linnansaari island. You may travel with a ship all the way from Savonlinna or Oravi.


11.00 the Elviira ship leaves from the harbour in Savonlinna
13.30 the ship arrives in Oravi
14.00 the ship leaves from Oravi
15-16 nature church in Sammakkoniemi, Linnansaari
16.30 the ship leaves from Linnansaari
17.15. the ship arrives in Oravi
20.00 the Elviira ship arrives in Savonlinna

From Savonlinna 15 €/person (children 4-12 years 7€)
From Oravi 5 €/person
Coffee and sweets 5 €/person

You can also have lunch or dinner on board of the ship. Please book in advance!


Kosonen Tuula or +35844 4580531
Mon-Fri 9 - 15

Bookings by 13th of June.

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